Webroot SecureAnywhere Key code

Webroot SecureAnywhere Key code- After knowing the various features of the product, we can start with the steps to download the Webroot Antivirus on the device. Follow these simple steps and secure your device from various threats.”

Webroot SecureAnywhere Key code

Webroot Keycode is a unique code given to every user at the time of purchase, which is later used to activate the Software on the device. If you wish to get a Webroot Keycode then go to www.webroot.com/safe and get your own license now. These are some features of the Webroot Keycode.


The Webroot SecureAnywhere Keycode is 25 characters code.

This keycode ensures the authenticity of your product.

You can purchase the Webroot product online and offline.

In case of online purchase, the keycode is sent in an email.

For offline purchase, the Webroot Keycode can be found written on the back of the retails card.


The Webroot Keycode enables the user to reinstall it on their device whenever they want.

For the steps to install the Webroot on your device and activate using the keycode, go to the next heading.


Step-by-step Installation Guide of Webroot SecureAnywhere Key code

First, ensure the high-speed internet connectivity in your system, and then open the web-browser.


Now type webroot.com/safe in the address bar at the top of the browser and press enter.

If you have the CD then you can install the antivirus using the CD as well.

After pressing the enter, you will be redirected to a new webpage, enter the product key.


The Webroot product key is a 20 digit alphanumeric digital code. You can find the product in the mailbox of your registered email id, in case of online purchase.

If you purchase a retail card from the retail store then you need to scratch the back side of the retail card, to access the Webroot product key.


Click Submit, after entering the Webroot product key.

It will automatically start to download the Webroot on your system.

Steps for Webroot Antivirus installation for various devices - www.webroot.com/safe:

For Windows PC:

Open the web browser which you are using on your system, and then visit webroot.com/safe or my.webrootanywhere.com.


Sign in to your Webroot account or create a new account, if the account does not exist already.

Click Download Now, and then click save file or run, according to your browser.

Now open the downloads folder and double-click to the downloaded file, to run the Webroot installation setup.


Enter the 20 digit Webroot product key in the required field and then click Submit.

Now follow the instructions showing on the screen, to finish the Webroot installation process.


Click Close or Finish, when the installation process is done.

For Windows Mac:

Create an account if you do not have a Webroot account already or sign in to your account.


Now download the SecureAnywhere installer, and then double click on the Webroot SecureAnywhere.app to access the installer.

In the Application folder, drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon and then save it.


Now double click on the icon in order to activate the SecureAnywhere.

Enter the Webroot product key in the required field and then click Activate.

Click Yes or Ok, to give the permission to the program to make changes to your system.


Enter your Apple username and password, to complete the process.

Now follow the guidelines displayed on the Mac screen and then click Finish or close to complete the process.


get safety at www.webroot.com/safe | Webroot SecureAnywhere Key code

Also put you email when a box comes to your screen after clicking “yes” on the prompt.


Now you product is completely installed , and you can use it . And it will scan your computer for the first time automatically.

Either Type on the URL box or open a run box by pressing windows + R together (open a run box) and type there “


If you face any problems during the installation process feel free to contact us

Possible problems in webroot activation

You have any other antivirus and webroot is not installing

webroot is not installing and showing a “malware” message

You have trouble related webroot keycode .

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